Friday, September 11, 2009

最惡又最善 Worst Rounding ever in Canada, Maples of Ballentrae Golf Club Aurora Ontario Sep 10 2009

Mother nature did her best
to allow us the gorgeous weather.
Poor nature of Peter made the day
of his worst ever played in Canada.

Totally collapsed down
with the horrible score of 106...
It was a tournament
with players of almost 100 people.

Green was so good,
weather couldn't be better,
and playing buddies were good
so there was no excuse at all I could find.
Actually I drank five cans of Heineken..
if there was any..
Anyway if it worked properly, I should have played better.. right? ^,~

So even the soft power of beer worked
the other way around for me.. :-p

I might be getting tired of playing golf..
Time to retire from the green?? ^,~

John Barry: Out of Africa : Soundtrack


  1. ahahah, poor Peter! :-)

    still recovering from trauma? :-P

    hello to you - an a lovely lovely autumn Sunday...

  2. Roxana,

    I am sure that you absolutely like poorer Peter.. :-p

    Yes, I have been enjoying gorgeous, fabulous and awesome everyday in here. Hopefully you have better days there.

    It sounds like you've done a good job with your work. Well done, mr!!