Friday, February 25, 2011

a couple of beers with Mark, Elephant & Castle Toronto Feb 16 2011

Mark just got back from India of one month of travel with such good memories over the land of mysteries.
The trip was not the first time for him to the place, rather he is kind of an expert in the geography.
He has still passion for the country to know further however..

It's always good to hear about the continent from anybody
cause I am a big fan about their culture, landscape and historical richness & profoundness.

Bibi Qa Macbara Aurangabad


Mehtar Mahal Aurangabad

Neighbor Maverick, Harbourfront Center Toronto Feb 16 2011

Faculty House of Theology.., Toronto Feb 16 2011

Friday, February 18, 2011

thank you for the SPACE! , Exhibition Hall Harbourfront Center Toronto Feb 16 2011

I don't know how much I love this space.

The space is not spacious at all nor with fancy set of lighting system.
All but different thing is the content with which I could taste the spirit, energy, passion and agony in life of the fresh artists mostly who I've been never heard about before.

What I appreciate more is their wide OPENNESS for the space.
They never be shy in sharing their effort of the display as curators or project managers.
And they never be restrictive in sharing their creativity as artists by proclaiming their intellectual property right too much, e.g., by prohibiting taking any photos.

It's just like the feeling of the good spirit of Internet of sharing freely as much as possible
though we need to be more smart in discerning good things out of garbages. :p