Sunday, November 14, 2010

the Economy of the Image, Exhibition in Power Plant Harborfront Toronto Oct 22 2010

 Those were the letters which drew my attention at the exhibition in Power Plant.

The whole set of the size, shape & colors of the font as well as the message to deliver.. triggers some feeling inside of oneself to quickly activate.. of course like a poster for propaganda.

Recently I see more often a pure combination of simple letters as a new genre of contemporary arts..

light & shadow with colors over spatial geometry, 'Building Partners' Harbourfront Center Toronto Oct 22 2010

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Irish mood.. kind of.. , Bloor W. High Park Toronto Nov 8 2010

I found this scene on the stairway to restroom.. :p
Actually I tried to go to my favorite Latinada sitting just next to this Irish bar. But I didn't know that they don't open on Monday..

Legends of the fall, High Park Bloor W. Toronto Nov 8 2010

I look up the trees still possessing tremendous number of yellowish leaves and I see the countless number of fallen leaves on earth returning to their origin of mother nature..

Although nobody can count all the colorful memories of each leaf, a good ecological harmony of the forest as a whole has been being well maintained this year as well. And it goes as an another new page of the glorious legends of the fall.. in this High Park.

Legends of the fall.. the Ludlows