Sunday, April 17, 2011

Do you know where you are going to?, Lake Ontario Harbor Front & Lakeshore Toronto Winter

More than couple of hundreds environmental scientists gathered together
to devise and propose a solution for stopping or radically slowing down the process of the global warming
but what they found was that they couldn't propose anything but forecasting what our ecology will look like around 2020. Ridiculous enough!?

By then we will have some pieces of lands in Canada and Russia for farming
and all other areas will be just deserted lands of no harvest..

They expect that the warming process will get much accelerated
as Tundra area in Siberia starts melting
so that enormous volume of methane gas fumes into the atmosphere
and  gas contained in the oceans starts evaporating into the air at the same time.

Farmers in Australia already have been panicky
for the worst draught for last 50~ 100 years or so depending on the region.
Desertization of Gobi and Sahara is already a well-known mundane story.

Nano-technology which can apply for converting sea water into fresh water by filtering salt components out on molecular level costs still too much and no rich countries or big corporates are serious enough to spend money.
Apart from scientific point of view over the purely ecological reality, it's gloomier to see the things happening in the villages on earth... totally do not know where we are headed to..

Do you know where're you going to?

I see merely a duck .. floating desperately on the wind-chilly rainy lake of Ontario..

시청 앞 지하철역에서..