Sunday, November 30, 2008

Can't be Seen by Muggle's Eyes, Wolfrey-Broadview Nov 2008

I found Nobody from Hogwarts...

程 Life is a Long Journey.., Chennai Express India June 2008

feeling of anything
approaching to me,
feeling of something
away from me..

An the feeling of something sharing.. or exchanging..
in the meantime.

Life is a collection of debris from those of comes & goes..
with psychological scars
left as just chunks of memories..
.. bulky set of weighted connections among the activated neurons..

sometimes jewels..
mostly garbages..
though we learn a lot from the garbages..

Now I have no chance in sitting at the entrance steps with the door wide open in the train in Korea, Canada or other developed countries.
But I have a good memory of doing exactly same thing the men at the picture were doing when I was in school in early 1980..
We talked about our girl friends, mostly political situations, and what our life would like to be over the beers, and sang lots of songs hoping for better future and condemning political reality.. on the train running fast.. with the door wide open.. with all the swirling wind rushing onto our faces..
We were so happy together on the rail..
listening and feeling the constant rythm of the running steel horse..

So you might imagine how much I like this train with all the doors wide open for me..
I payed nearly twice more fare for Sleeper Class with Air Conditioning but I didn't actually needed the luxury(relatively speaking). Second class sitting with lowest wage should be mine..

Another Vehicle to Hogwarts, Coldwater Museum Coldwater Ontario Oct 4 2008

都 City in Lights, Waterfront Toronto May 25 2008

Friday, November 28, 2008

Thursday, November 27, 2008

鏡 Narcissistic Life in Vain.., Highland & Westlake Golf Clubs Ontario 2008

Reflection over the year of God is all the beautiful spectrum of maples in everywhere.
It seems that Narcissus is one of the faces of the Omnisience.

What about me then..
All the shame over those by gone days..

歪曲 Distortion of Space and Time, DVP & HW 401 W Nov 2008

際 Taste of the Danforth, Danforth Street Toronto Aug 8-9 2008

Taste of the Danforth is one of Toronto's signature events, showcasing the best of Hellenic food, culture, and music our multicultural city has to offer - from souvlaki to mezes..

笑 Go Crazy with ARS, The New York Times Nov 25 2008

On a Ring and a Prayer- Seth Freeman,

Please listen carefully as this menu has changed.
For English press or say "One". Para espanol oprima o diga "Dos". For all other languages press or say "Three."
Thank you for your interest in our service. If this is a true spiritual emergency, please hang up and dial the number on the upper left-hand corner of the mailing label of your last solicitation. Otherwise, please stay on the line and your prayers will be answered in the order in which they were received.

* Photo: Peter's Photo Odyssey

All right, let's get started. For prayers of repentence press or say "Two." For prayers of supplication press or say "Three." For prayers of forgiveness press or say "Four." For prayers of serenity press or say "Five." For all other prayers press or say "Six."
I guess ... Er ... Supplic - three. Italic
Three. [3]

I think you said, "Two." Is this correct?
I think you said, "No." Is this correct?
O.K., let's try that again. For prayers of repentence press or say "Two." For prayers of supplication press or say "Three." For prayers -
- of forgiveness -
Three! [3][3]
- say "Four." For prayers of serenity press or say "Five." For all other prayers press or say "Six."
I think you said, "Three." Is this correct?
Yes. Correct. Yes.
Allright, let me see if I can help you. Please say the category for which you are supplicating. For example, if you are praying for help with a personal life problem, say "Problem." If you are praying for a material object like a new Lexus, say "Car."
I'm sorry. I didn't understand your answer. Please repeat your answer slowly and clearly.
It's hard to describe. Things no loner make.. sense..
I think you said, "Vengeance." Is this correct?
Good, because Vengeance is mine. Please repeat your answer slowly and clearly.
I think you said, "Problem." Is this correct?
Yes Correct.
Thank you. Let me connect you to that department.
[Hold music: Pachelbel, "Cannon in D"
- tenor sax version (Kenny G)]
Please stay on the line. Your prayer is important to us. Your wait time is approximately seven minutes.
[Hold music]
We're sorry your are still o hold. We appreciate your patience and look forward to being of service.
[Hold music]
Thank you for holding. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please state the problem for which you would like help. For example, if you would like healing someone who is sick, you could say, "Illness." If you would like help in making a woman who barely in you rommantically, you could say, "Wingman."
No more menus.
I'm sorry. I didn't understand your answer. Please state the problem for which you would like help.
I want help without having to go through six levels of options.
I think you said you would like help with sexual dysfunction. Is this correct?
I think you said, "No." Is this correct?
O.K, please restate your problem. Speak slowly and clearly-
I'm sick of these menus.
I think you would like help curing a sickness. Is this correct?
No, no, these menus are driving me crazy.
I think you said you would like help dealing with a mental illness. Is this correct?
No. No, no!
I'm having difficulty understanding the problem for which you are seeking help. Please state your problem slowly and clearly.
My problem is.. I .. forgot why I called.
I think you said you no longer recall your problem. Is this correct?
I guess. I don't know. Yes.
Excellent. We are pleased to have been of service. How else can we provide you with a woderful day?

Monday, November 24, 2008

街 Street of Gerrald and Broadview, Small China Town Toronto Nov 2008

I used to enjoy hiding behind anonymity
whenever I was visiting cities with lots of people like Hong Kong, downtown Tokyo or Seoul.
Nobody pays any attention to any specific person
even though somebody has quite different outfit or apperance.
Walking along with group speed of people like herd of fishes or cows
makes me feel different and funny.. which I like..

晦 Grey..Cool though, CITY IMAGE Jongro Seoul Korea 2006

Saturday, November 22, 2008

親 Red Bike in town, Bay Toronto Nov 14 2008

a great invention ever..
now a hope for human being
to be more competitive to the environment..

家 a House at the Corner, Castle Frank Street Toronto Nov 15 2008

located at the corner,
the old house acts like a lighthouse..
kind of landmark.. at all time.. at least for me.

.. have I done the similiar role to others ever in my lifetime?

光 Twilight over the Clouds, Chennai Express India 2006

Running to the East with fast speed..
I could have stayed a bit more with the twilight..

I liked to miss somebody or something..
nobody.. nothing in mind..though..

Instead I just had a look at the spectrum
for a long time.. thinking nothing.. missing nobody..

天孤 Twilight casting over the tiny palm tree, Chennai Express India 2006

I was born to be alone..

I see the only tree over there..
a small but beautiful palm tree..
upright still with the long hairs..
Years ago a bird might drop a seed while she flew..
to initiate the life of the plant on the very spot.

What a miracle of life I see..
What a seemingly inadvertent but
extremely well self-maintaining ecosytem
furbished by the Invisible Hand.

穩 Window, Curtain and the Fall Outside.., Woodrow Homestead Coldwater Ontario Oct 4 2008

Tasting the fall in the backyard through the window
I feel the gentleness of the season milder
through the half-see-through curtain..

Friday, November 21, 2008

生 Some corners in the early morning at the beach, Daechon Beach Korea 2004

.. Hey buddy, what do you do for living?
.. I catch small calamaris with empty shells..and you?
.. I have sort of marry-go-round for the beach comers..

They became friends.

As I saw their means of living,
I found the common thing..
very much clearly perfectly managed nests with shells,
same for the machies of marry-go-round..
They had been trying their best so far for their lives..

작년...여름이 채 되기 전의 유월의 바닷가...
이른 아침의 해변 산책길에 만난 두가지 삶의 모습이 있었다.
소라 껍질을 그물에 달아 쭈구미를 낚아내며 영위되는 삶과
해변가를 찾는 이들을 상대로 회전 그네를 돌려 유지되는 삶..
이들은 친구일 것임에 분명하다고 생각했다.
아님 단번에 친구가 될 수 있을 것이라고 생각했다.
서로가 유지하는 삶의 방식은 너무도 달라 보였지만
그들의 도구를 통해 느껴볼 수 있는
단단하게 매무새 지어있는 삶에의 의지..
낡아보이지만 전혀 남루하지 않은 그들의 흔적과 손길들..
이 두가지 정물적 대상으로 하여
난 괜히 가슴이 뛰고 설레고..했다..
쭈꾸미로 만선이 된 조각배와
즐거움에 환성을 지르는
놀이객이들이 가득한 회전 그네를 그려 보면서...

冬 a Scene of High Winter, Beecroft Toronto Nov 19 2008

The scene has been created with
mix & match of Snow, Speed and Darkness..

Thursday, November 20, 2008

雪 Christmas is Coming with Scroogy Mood, Wolfrey Broadview Toronto No 19 2008

Under the global economic disaster I see the groomy mood of the street with a passenger slowly gets into the streetcar. But acutally the night was so fresh with the snow without any wind..