Thursday, April 30, 2009

戀沁中雲流遠處所 September in the Park, Riverdale Park Broadview Toronto Sep 2008

I don't know how many lucky people can just lay down on the grass and look up to the sky and look around the surroundings without any real concern in life.. For many people they might not have that little safe piece of small space for taking rest or for somebody they might not have any logical space for relaxation in their mindset though they are rich enough to buy the whole park.., or somebody might not put any value on laying down the grass and smelling the soil while trying to figure out what's going on in dynamic life of microcosm.. :p

Puff the Magic Dragon.. :p

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

再見四月 Good Bye April 2009.. , My mini-garden Toronto Apr 29 2009

As I leave April in 2009, I am thinking a connectivity. Cognitive psychology insists that the information, knowledge, empirical information etc are stored as weighted patterns of connectivity over the set of neurons in our brains. They define human experts as having more than 10s of thousands collective patterns in specific knowledge domain. So the real thing is the connectivity itself rather the things stored in individual neuron. Intriguing..
Connectivity among people comprises and reveals lots of things and sometimes it gives more insight to each people connected than the things when one ponders oneself alone as a detached entity.
Just like our brain structure, we create connections with people and strengthen the level of connectivity as we share more or we are losing connections by oblivion or we try to disconnect in many cases by intention. Sometimes we even substitute one with another of similar pattern.. as I've been experiencing..
I see a certain connection is so strong and emotionally appealing that it shakes every other similar patterns of conductivities which are already residing and virtually reshuffles the state by creating another set of stabilized patterns in which I like to call a paradigm shift on an individual level..

Waltz of the Flowers

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Day and Night in Monterimar in Winter, Nicaragua Dec 11 2005

It was just one day and night at the tropical beach but I was lucky enough to have all the beauties in there. Flying squadron of pelicans in row just over the waves, nice breeze under the sizzling sun, such a beautiful twilight & sunset over the Pacific horizon, enjoying loneliness at the huge beach literally alone, venturing the mood of Jurassic Park without any moonlight or start light after mid-night, and of course good food and drinks..

OMR, This is Romania.. Wow~~