Sunday, April 12, 2009

春光透過姸綠肥酒 Yes, spring is here now.. with my Heineken! :p , Last Temptation Kensington Market Spadina Toronto Apr 12 2009

La Primavera


  1. wow Peter, how lovely! i envy you for that little red dress, i would have liked to shoot it myself! i especially like 5, 7 and the bubbles one!
    such tender spring light!!!

  2. Hi Roxana, it was really fabulous sunday Easter morning. The sunshine was so hot, it almost burnt my forehead and it quite matched with the very cold couple of bottles of beer. And I found that the restaurant opens till 2am. Wow, so I am ready to burn my cheek as well with the light of the pale blue moon.

    Yes, you might have taken a very different artistic shot for the red skirt. I envy your talent.. :p