Thursday, April 16, 2009

非情唯彈盛市 Gommorah, Alliance Cinema Cumberland Bay-Bloor Downtown Toronto Apr 15 2009

I wasn't feel good after the movie. Gomorrah was the winner of Grand Prix in Cannes 2008 because of its high reality like documentary. The movie was not like 'God Father' series at all.. no cosmetics over violence any more.. And the movie brutally changed my Mediterranean fantasy about the country of Italy especially Naples.. I'm not that idiot who doesn't know the fact that there is always a coexistence of dark & dirty side of system, society or community. But if the story in the movie reflects what has been really happening in the city, it's literally a city of Gomorrah.. which needs to be doomed down anytime soon.. Hopefully it's a much exaggerated reality.. though we've been witnessing as of NOW much worse, more miserable and evilly and Gomorrahs in many countries and cities..

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