Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Song.. Shook Me Up and Awakening..: 노찾사 사계

To my confession, not until I heard this song, I didn't know or imagine that we had such tragic part of community in 1980s in Korea since I was just lucky enough without any financial problem under strong patronage of my parents...

The title of the song is "Four Seasons 사계 四季" and melody is as beautiful as Vivaldi's but lyric tells about young people working every day and night through the whole four seasons sitting in front of sewing machine.. to make living..

While I was kneeling down over the white & yellow flowers to smell the scent, they, as joyful as myself, were bending their back all day long to make the machine working for the shirts & pants.. to make small money.. to survive.. in the city of Seoul..

While I was sipping Margarita in the beach under the sun, they, same age with mine, just put the pedals on and on and on fully sweating.. for the sewing machine.. for the small money for living..

While I was whispering the romantic song of Elvis, Anything that part of you, stepping over the autumn leaves in the park arm in arm with my girl friend, they, as beautiful as the maple colors in the fall, kept running the machine.. for the small money of remittance for their parents, brothers or sisters living in the country village..

I was so guilty and shameful when I first heard the full lyric of the song that I drank almost a bottle of strong whisky paying fair amount of money at the decent bar and they were working on the machine still deep at night rubbing their hands against frost bite.

노찾사: 四季

거부기: 四季


  1. this is such a wonderful post, Peter... i understand you so well.. you know, i've asked myself the same question: what am i doing here, posting pictures and love poems when people get killed in ghaza and all over the world? but then, i'm telling myself, i cannot force my life into being what it is not, i have to live it as it is...

  2. Yes that's very true.. We do our portion best just standing where we are.

    Well, the song just reminded me of things happened when I was a young boy.. though it happens everywhere else still.. massacre in ghaza, kid soldiers in africa, child labour in some 3th countries, famine, draught.. I don't know what will be the fate of human being as a whole.. seemingly all the suicidal atrocities we've been witnessing everyday..

    But ss you said, we just get down to our level of fundamentals.. and APPRECIATE whatever small one we have..