Friday, April 24, 2009

Le Papillon des Etoiles vs Space Odyssey 2001, Toronto Apr 24 2009

I am a really big fan of the gifted writer Bernard Werber. I've been reading almost all his novels started from 'Ant'. Now I am almost finishing reading his space fantasy novel of 'Le Papillon des Etoiles'. Werber talked about why they needed to leave our green planet of earth in detail in his novel. And he encompassed almost 1,000 years of human history, though the description is rough & typically imaginable, living in the huge space ship until couple of survivors find and reach new planet to live. He talks about witty recycling of whole human history as an excellent story teller. Though there are still lots of details missing, excessive generalization and redundancies, he has great framework and paradigm in overall in his story.

As for Stanley Kubric, there is no single shot of frame which is redundant. Under such completeness in interpreting all the aspects of science & technology, aesthetics and human psychology, he had been touching the very core of human as an individual against war, against cosmos, against machine(computer), against society and virtually against very oneself. I really admire his holistic view of the world & universe and its linkage to the fine level details projected over the inner space of human.

Combining talents of more than two people doesn't necessary lead to a result of synergy but I am thinking what if Kubrick had met Bernard for scenario before he passed away.. at least for a good friendship or comradeship..


  1. i haven't read anything of Werber, now i see that i have to ... i love sf too, and i've been a huge fan of 'Dune' since my younger days :-)

  2. Dune.. seems like a series.. I like to try!
    Yes, you will like Werber, I am sure. :-)

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