Monday, April 27, 2009

a Community of Beautiful Turbans, Philip Nathan Square City Hall Toronto Apr 26 2009

Just by chance, I was a part of the gathering of the people with beautiful turbans. They were celebrating the birthday of their saint. They prepared all the good traditional foods of India and shared with everybody like me, just a visitor without any turban.. mmm.. food again.. :p

Usually vendors sell food at the festival or whatever gathering. But this Indian community, they prepared their own food for share and actually they encouraged other visitors to try. I felt invited and of course I was very happy but they looked happier. Inviting somebody for sharing teas or food is really noble behavior only human can do with good spirit.


  1. beautiful!!! i've started to love Toronto through your pictures... :-)

    i am touched that you wanted to know more about Romania - you are right about the old houses, Ceausescu wanted to build those horrible communist blocks of flats instead so he destroyed a lot...

  2. Toronto has a meaning of 'a place people gathering' in american Indian language. So it's still happening in here like myself. :-)

    Roxana, I was fascinated by the rural scenes and such kindly looking people in Romania. Ad the castles and churches are more than beautiful..