Tuesday, April 14, 2009

原時男性的遊嬉 Midnight Salvage Works and the Morning After.. in the Rock Valley, 지장산 Northern Part of Korea Summer 2005

Our road used to start at the end of their road.. we hated well-paved highways.. they called us crazy .. sometimes out of jealousy but most of time they didn't have any idea what we were doing riding the steel horses in the deep mountain under the moon light.. actually they didn't need to know..
Just fyi, the guns are for survival game or for collectors for military stuffs. It has electric motor and set of gears to shoot out plastic bullets, sometimes paint bullets for marking, for the game. The guns operate, weigh, look like real ones but not harmful, just toys for adult. But the problem is that you need to pay more than the real one if allowed.. :-)
Israel Kamakawiwo'Ole: Over The Rainbow

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