Thursday, April 16, 2009

入夏愁想 Summer Breeze flipped over my pages.., Remy's Yorkville Bay-Bloor Street Downtown Toronto Apr

Already summer?? We've lost spring in here and just jumped into summer time so that I could suntan under the hot sun in the breeze.. It couldn't be lovelier..
I used to enjoy watching the play of "Waiting for Godot" by Samuel Beckett.. En attendant Godot. First time I had the play was when I was university student and I didn't really understand the crazy guy waiting for Godot and the weird bare tree without any single leaf.. After that I watched the play in my age of 30's and 40's..almost every year and I gradually got to grab something what Beckett was trying to convey to the people.. Actually it doesn't matter what the author was trying to achieve through the play but it was good for me to taste the difference as I get older, in other sense, hopefully get matured.. And the other joy was that I had different players every time and naturally compare the performance on individual level which is quite different & fresh as well..
Doris Day - Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  1. so are you looking at these gorgeous women while you have your lunch? :-P
    (i love Beckett)

  2. also, are you really 48??? you look so much younger...

  3. I just found the commercial poster when I stepped down from the second floor of the restaurant and reminded me of somebody living far far apart from here.. :p

    Oh, you're talking about my legal age. Yes I'm reaching 49 this October, but the problem is my mental age is around 25.. so immature.. still.. :p :p

  4. reminded you of whom exactly? :-)

    are all corean men looking so young when they reach 49???
    around 25 is a good estimate, i guess :-P

  5. :-) so you're saying that every romanian women are gorgeous in shape and profound in whatever esthetical forms of life.. like you..

    I love this excessive generalization.. :p

  6. i object i object! :-)
    your guess about whatever qualities i might have is not to be trusted in the first place - but mine is, because i saw you CLEARLY in those pictures.
    as to 'generalizing', well then tell me your secret, i certainly want to look like you when i am 49 :-)

  7. I like your shouting for objection~ :p

    Now I'm thinking about aging. They don't know yet why our body cells age as time goes by. Nobel prize will be there if somebody fully identify the process of aging. Aging has been one of hot topics among neurophysiological communities. Hopefully they couldn't reveal the secret till the end of history of human being. I couldn't imagine what will happen to us when we have chance of not being aged.. so never die.

    So for purely biological sense, nobody dare to say how we could protect our body from chronological attack. However, regarding logcial sense of aging, we could find million ways of good things to do for not-aging, only getting more matured.. Related to the philosophical issue of Mind-Body, I hope that body as a container might get revitalized by its containee, a mind, from time to time if it reaches more than certain level of threshold.. Boring, isn't it, mr??

  8. well not so boring if we could achieve that :-)

  9. .. Roxana's comment is always appropriate and brief in expression. I envy her brillance.. sigh..

  10. i hope there isn't the slightest irony hidden there in your sigh :-)