Wednesday, April 8, 2009

眞情的疎通 The Pool, Alliance Cinema Cumberland Street Bay-Bloor Toronto Apr 8 2009

Well done!!
No violence, no fast & furious, no gorgeous girls or boys, no blind patriotism, no extravaganza, no graphics, no noise, no blood.. but it was on true communication.. the most vital factor in life..

The content of dialogue in the movie was so trivial & private that it took some time for me till I realized that I've almost forgotten the real power of healing through sharing small talks everyday.. :-)


  1. i like how you placed that vivid yellow and red popcorn picture in the middle of the darker ones - well done :-)

    and thank you for putting me in the mood of popcorn :-P

  2. My pleasure. The black table was high lighted by the lamp in the ceiling. :-)

    And the movie was so well done!! No violence, No Fast& Furious, No gorgeous girls or boys, No Blind Patriotism, No Extravaganza.. No Noise, No Blood but a True Communication.. the most important factor in life..