Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lips like Silvie.. :p

Ce soir, je serai la plus belle
Pour aller danser

Pour mieux évincer toutes celles
Que tu as aimées

Ce soir je serai la plus tendre
Quand tu me diras

Tous les mots que je veux entendre
Murmurer par toi
Par toi

Je fonde l'espoir que la robe que j'ai voulue
Et que j'ai cousue
Point par point

Sera chiffonnée
Et les cheveux que j'ai coiffés

Par tes mains

Quand la nuit refermait ses ailes
J'ai souvent rêvé

Que dans la soie et la dentelle
Un soir je serai la plus belle
La plus belle pour aller danser

Tu peux me donner le souffle qui manque à ma vie
Dans un premier cri
De bonheur

Si tu veux ce soir cueillir le printemps de mes jours
Et l'amour en mon couleur

Pour connaître la joie nouvelle
Du premier baiser

Je sais

Qu'au seuil des amours éternelles
Il faut que je sois la plus belle
La plus belle pour aller danser

some.. Contemporary Craft Art, Harbourfront Craft Studio Toronto Mar 25 2009

Itzhak Perlman: Paganini Caprice

少品 Snow and the Bench, Harbourfront Center Toronto Mar 25 2009

Il Divo: When a Child is Born

Saturday, March 28, 2009

一葉片舟 Life on a Tiny Boat, Harbor of Mumbai India Jun 2006

In the harbor of Mumbai as one of the busiest port in the world with enormous flux of goods for import and export, I saw all the gigantic modern ships of LPG tankers, super big container ships, brand new air craft carrier with state-of-the-art war ships and luxury cruise ship even.

On top of those dynamic movement for today, there were still couple of very traditional fisherman's sailing boats and some were even without any sail. Though the contrast was really high with the all the big ships in the background, the small boats under the morning glory in Arabian sea was so friendly and heart-warming to see. Hopefully it's a good coexistence of way of living..

深夜雨中狂詩哭 What's the Fun of Doing this in the Midnight under Heavy Shower??, Korea 2004

To get out of the literally bogged situation in the muddy swamp, I needed my precious self-recovery electric winch and the big-enough tree in front to endure the weight of my jeep to be pulled out. I used to love this kind of crazy fun with my 4-wheel toy.. which I miss a lot.. :p
Mission Impossible

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Man on Mission, Downtown Young Street Toronto Mar 25 2009

Is it true that God gives us the burden in life since we are strong enough to carry on??

Yoyoma for Ennio

都市사냥 The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, Harbor Front & Downtown Toronto Mar 25 2009

It wasn't chilly in the afternoon when I took a short journey to the city just as usual. I do this as kind of ritual or sort of routine patrol of almost same route.. but with every time different psychological mood, quite different weather, radically different set of exhibitions and different taste of draft beers in a different bar.. of course. :p

회상 Reflection- 임지훈