Monday, March 23, 2009

迫進的多量性 Full Variety of Oceanic Transportation, Jun 2006

Such a short span of time when I got back from Rock Temple in Elephanta Island, I got to see almost all kind of different type of ships in the harbor in Mumbai from wind-sailing traditional fisherman's boat to state-of-the art aircraft carrier.. Varieties and dynamics, whatever they are, give me energy or at least a room for thought for moving forward..

Watching ships is as romantic as for trains for me. Floating over the blue ocean, navigating from here to there on a reasonable speed, not like 2.5 super sonic, our ships still live along with mechanical era far detached from jet-lagging world of digital box of Pandora though they've been also challenged by the super-powered nuclear ships or ultra-speedy racing boats.. and also much threatened by the evilly pirates.

Goldberg Variations No.1 J.S.Bach

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