Wednesday, March 25, 2009

數學遊嬉 Mathematical Manipulations over Monalisa, Kensington Market Spadina Toronto Jun 8 2008

Taking a photo is one thing and processing it for his/her own flavour is another. Manipulation of RGB colors with mathematical functions is not different than having almost infinite number of optical filters. Active post-processing of the original photos sometimes gives me more fun than just shooting. :-)

Santus II : Libera

Salva Me: Libera


  1. I've taken a look and it is fun, your colour experiments are full of joy :-) one can see you like working on them, and this is such a precious thing...

  2. Thanks Roxana, your garden seems like full of life as well as colors. Mere image processing with tools couldn't be compared with the real work of film photography you've been doing .. :)