Wednesday, March 11, 2009

深淸淡昏考世界 Thinking Cosmos in Deep Blue Twilight, Highland Managua Nicaragua Dec 2005

I was visiting La Jolla in San-Diego, US for 40 days of home stay when I was a student in university in 1980.. almost a generation ago.. And what I found at the bookstore in University of Southern California was a very heavy fabric cover book of Carl Sagan, Cosmos. At then I was so fascinated by the all the illustrations of Stars, Galaxies and the beautiful texts of the gifted astronomic physicist I never hesitated to purchase no matter what the price is. Actually the space & history of our cosmos is huge playground of all the scientists. Theoretical physicists do their research and develop their hypothesis based on mathematical manipulation with super computer only because it's too expensive or impossible to apply directly onto the real happenings in the vast space of cosmos even it's only limited to solar system. Photon Accelerators of couple of kilometers diameter are the only feasible toys for them for earth scale experiment.. As a student majoring in Physics the book was more than enough to encouraging and visioning my career as physicist. When I turned the page by page I was so thrilled by all the facts and result of observation of the scientist.
In 2005, in Nicaragua, I was standing at the highland of 1,000m high altitude entrapped by the beauty of the twilight of the tropical country. The sunset was dark blue one different from ordinary yellow-red spectrum. Just like the sunset on Mars, I was drowned by the mystic navy blue sky and the cool atmosphere of the highland made me feel so fresh and unearthly. And I was remembering the excitement and joy when I was reading the book of COSMOS long time ago..


  1. I like how the blue and the black play together to deepen each other's mystery.

    I read Broca's Brain by Sagan but that was a century ago :-)

  2. I like your comment.. deepen each other's mystery..
    Roxana, so you're saying you have been living couple of centries in here. Actually I've known the fact based on your maturity. Just TEACH me whatever.. por favor.. :pp