Friday, March 20, 2009

colors, lights, materials and their geometric combinations, Sandra Ainsley Gallery: the Distillery Mill Street Toronto Mar 18 2009

Building 32 in the Distillery District in Mill Street in Toronto,
there was a gallery 'Sandra Ainseley' of gorgeous layout of the exhibition halls
with awesome selection of the great art works.

I was so fascinated by the all the combination of layout, colors & textiles, lighting and all the art works
displayed, I took a couple of rounds of tour in the gallery.

This place should be my regular site of visit at least once a month. Great!!


  1. oh thank you :-) such a lovely gift! they are marvelous, indeed.

  2. I've learned the fact that how much different exhibilition could be provided with such quite radical & creative utilization of the space, light, shadow and the rugged feeling of the old style bricks. Good to see you like it. :)