Saturday, March 7, 2009

立春大吉 Season is Comming, Harbor Front Toronto Mar 5 2009

everybody: Which season are you talking about??
Peter : Golf.. :p


  1. omg, are these SWANS??? I have never seen something like this, wow.

    (but however lovely the little ones are :-), I absolutely adore the second picture, the flying bird, as concentrated as an arrow)

  2. Roxana, yes the flying beauty is swan. We have lots of swans in Lake Ontario. And lots of other birds in the areas of Toronto Islands. And yes the small ducks are so cute and gregarious. The leading guy is always a male duck.

  3. erm...frog frog .. funny frog!!

  4. Expensive Flog made of pure G.O.L.D... by an artist. That's his tragic fate to be in custody in the showcase in his life time long.. >_<

  5. -.-" oh my god !
    I thought it just a toy's flog.
    It is pure GOLD?-.-"
    oh.......pity flog.