Friday, March 27, 2009

City of Rich Context, City of Bombay India Jun 2006

From the original photo of last one, I just cropped it into four different partly scenes with different context.
Over the single shot of photo, we can talk, imagine or make a story for many things... :)


  1. this is another way of experimenting, with composition now :-) I like to do the same, ferociously cropping the images to be able to look at the scene from different perspectives. I think it's a very wise thing to do in life too, but many people fail to acknowledge it.

  2. Wow, ferociously cropping!! I like that. Absolutely right, everybody has a perspective of his or her own merely so it's not easy to share something in common. I just like to feel, touch and handle the multi-faceted aspects in life as much as possible though it still lacks too much as far as space-time is concerned.:-)