Monday, August 31, 2009

Breakfast with Brandenburg No.3, Chris' Restaurant Detroit Danforth Str. Toronto Aug 27 2009

After golfing with Jim and Chris, I went Chris' Detroit for breakfast and I liked to have Hamburger Steak with two sunny side ups & brown bread together with fresh coffee just as usual. Restaurant Detroit is one of the oldest & most famous restaurant in the Greek street of Danforth.

In here I taste the hamburger steak exactly same with the one I used to have in my childhood... It's a nostalgia of those good & happy old days in which I enjoy much to reflect.

Brandenburg No.3 is always good for a good breakfast I bet..
not only for luxury dinning with service of elegance
but with even street food whichever good & fresh..

Thanks Chris for good food~~

지미와 크리스와의 이른 아침 골프를 끝내고
크리스가 운영하는 디트로이트 식당에 아침을 먹으러 갔다.
디트로이트에서의 아침 식사로 항상 시키는
햄버거 스테이크와
노른자가 터지지 않은 달걀 후라이 두개와
갈색빵 두 조각..을 신선한 커피와 함께 먹었다.

이곳에서의 햄버거 스테이크는
어릴적 가끔 먹었던 햄버거 스테이크 맛에 대한
향수가 서려 있다.

그저 행복하기만 했던 어린 시절 맛에 대한 향수가 있어
음식을 먹으면서도 더 즐거울 수가 있다.

바흐의 브란덴브르그 3번은 좋은 아침 식사때 확실히 잘 어울린다.
굳이 좋은 서비스의 궁중 요리가 아니더라도
신선하고 맛있는 음식이라면 어떤 거리 음식과도.. ^,~

Bach: Brandburg Concerto No.3

Thursday, August 27, 2009

入秋 A Petit Journey into Autumn.. Already.., Kensington Market Spadina Toronto Aug 27 2009

Stopping at the vintage clothing shop of Exile I just bought a pair of light blue jean of Levis for the autumn in 2009 which has just started as of today in my heart. ^,~

Sitting at the very narrow patio in the anonymous bar I just tried only a bottle of Alexander Keith watching people go around freely from left to right and vice versa in the Kensington Market.

On my way to Dundas square, I dropped by my favorite coffee boutique 'Moon Bean' for the trial of espresso triple sitting on one of the steps to the entrance.

These were what I did today after golf welcoming the season of maple leaves of rainbow colors..
along with deep thought of agony..

가을을 맞이하는 나만의 작은 소풍이었다.

오랫만에 들른 켄싱턴 시장..
내가 좋아하는 엑자일(Exile) 옷가게에서
엷은 아쿠아 블루 색의 34/32 리바이스 골덴 청바지를 사고

들어가보고 싶었지만
공간이 너무 협소해서
사람들이 어깨를 좁혀야만 하는 곳..
그래서 아직 들어가 볼 수 없었던
그 이름모를 술집에도 편안히 들어가 앉아
새롭게 사귄 캐나다 맥주를 마시며
평화롭게 좌우로 지나 다니는 사람 구경도 하고..

내 휴일의 기본적 휴식공간인
던다스 광장 주변으로 다시 돌아 가기 전
커피 및 차와 관련된 다양하고 창조적인 음료들의
맛과 역사를 자랑하는 'Moon Bean'에 들러
주인장에게 눈 인사도 하고 커피 관련 문의도 하고..

에스프레소 더블을 시켰다가 트리플로 바꿔서는
굳이 제대로 된 테이블들을 무시하고
까페로 들어서는 몇개 안되는 계단에 앉아
한가로히 차를 즐기는 사람들을 관찰하기도 했다.
그 세단의 나무 계단이 괜히 편해 보였다..
테이블을 마다하고 계단에 앉고 있는 날
사람들이 의아하게 쳐다봤지만
난 싱긋거리며 그들의 시선을 즐겼다.. ㅋㅋ
.. 난 여기가 더 편해 보이는 걸.. ^,~

내 마음의 가을은
이렇게 평화로운 모습으로
하지만 너무나 가슴시린 생각과도 함께
시작되고 있었다.

Peter on Video this Morning in Flemingdon with Jim, Chris and James, Aug 27 2009

I made a successful shot through just middle of the V-shaped tree to the green.
I felt so achieved... yes!! ^,~
I've got almost single score till the very last hole of 90 degree of extreme dog leg to the right covered with lots of trees. And I tried to make a shot over the tall trees as I did well previously..
But the over indulgence & over confidence to myself at the hole screwed up everthing.. naturally..
So guess what.. ..
I left the hole with QUADRUPLE boggey. Oh my god...
Thanks Jim, Christ and James!! It was a GOOOOD game though!!
* Following video slip is fo Peter for Iron Shot at 140 Yard Par 3 Hole with a Pitcher. It was on the green and I finished up with Par..
** Thanks Chris for videotaping me. Much appreciated!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Beautiful People for Beautiful Cubano Music , Polo Montanez & Bueno Vista Social Club

I respect them to sing & perform together..
I also see their mutual respect with each other through their eyes while they do their own job for their beautiful music as a perfect team.
I feel how much they've been proud of each other for such a long time..
Though almost all members have been passed away, their beautiful music will be resonated forever in the hearts of those who love their music..

As for Polo Motanez, one of my friends from Cuba brought me Polo's best album 'Natural' after his visit to his hometown in Cuba. All the songs were so lovely that I listened to only his album for straight two weeks. Such a beautiful music.. Sadly enough, I heard he also passed away by traffic accident..

Their music is immortal though...

Polo Martinaz : Un Bolero

Monday, August 24, 2009

A Bitterness, Garniner Expressway Toronto Aug 16 2009

* I really don't know who took this photo of mine while I was flying back to Seoul from New York.. but I just found and it looks quite fit for this posting.. anyway..
Bonnie Tayler: Total Eclipse of the Heart

Bottomless bitterness.. sporadically works for the week start..
What can I do.. if it is my fate to go forever with my cruel reality..

Georges Moustaki : Pourtant Dans Le Monde

Friday, August 21, 2009

Peter for First Eagle Shot in Canada, Flemingdon Golf Club Don Mills Toronto Aug 20 2009

Highly motivated by the stunning victory of Y.E. Yang,
three of us played with real excellence.
Chris got his best score ever.
And I got an Eagle for the first time in Canada
at the very 1st hole in Flemingdon Golf Club.
Driver shot for the edge of the green and
chip shot for the hole.. that's it..

They called me Yang afterward.. :p
Actually we called three of us, Yang1, Yang2 and Yang3.. :-)

At the club lounge after rounding,
Vito, the owner of the golf club, asked me.
'Who is Tiger, then?'
'.. uh.. nobody.. :-p ..'

Jim and Chris!! It was a good game!!
See you on Monday for another awesome rounding.

As for golf I have a sort of global memory.
First Tee Up in my life was in Santa Cruz, California.
First Par was in KeeHeung, Korea.
First Birdie was in Melbourne, Australia.
Now, First Eagle in Toronto, Canada.

Where can I have first hole-in-one..

But the thing is not my score
but who do I play with..

Thanks, my good fellas!!

*for more:

Monday, August 17, 2009

夜間秩走 Night Drive down to Niagara, Gardiner Expressway Toronto Aug 16 2009

Night drive from town further down to the border city of Niagara!!

King's Singers : You are the New Day

祝福又榮光 Glory & Blessing : Niagara in the Deep Dark Night, Niagara Falls Ontario 2:00am Aug 17 2009

What I saw were glory and blessing of the Mother Nature for the living creatures around here as well as my personal blessing God allowed me for a while.. Thanks God for making me feel and appreciate all these glories under your control..

* I got the beautiful shots with Shutter Mode of 25" of exposure time.. Enjoy!

Ennio Morricone : Gabriel's Oboe