Saturday, August 8, 2009

生石花 Oyster! Fresh Oyster!! : Bar 'The Auld Spot' Taste of the Danforth Toronto Aug 8 2009

Bar 'The Auld Spot'.. I didn't know that the bar has been known as specialized in fresh oysters for long time in the street. What I liked was their cute design of a pig on their signboard.

As I found they were selling dishes of fresh natural oysters last night, I was curious about the taste and I was standing in the queue for the trial. $10 for 6 pieces of very fresh oyster with lemon, Tabasco hot source and grinded horseradish. I tried one more dish and french fries with a glass of draught beer. The taste was good and it couldn't be fresher. Satisfied!!

The big friendly smile of the wife of the owner was really awesome! Thanks ma'am!!

more at 'Auld Spot'..


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