Thursday, August 27, 2009

Peter on Video this Morning in Flemingdon with Jim, Chris and James, Aug 27 2009

I made a successful shot through just middle of the V-shaped tree to the green.
I felt so achieved... yes!! ^,~
I've got almost single score till the very last hole of 90 degree of extreme dog leg to the right covered with lots of trees. And I tried to make a shot over the tall trees as I did well previously..
But the over indulgence & over confidence to myself at the hole screwed up everthing.. naturally..
So guess what.. ..
I left the hole with QUADRUPLE boggey. Oh my god...
Thanks Jim, Christ and James!! It was a GOOOOD game though!!
* Following video slip is fo Peter for Iron Shot at 140 Yard Par 3 Hole with a Pitcher. It was on the green and I finished up with Par..
** Thanks Chris for videotaping me. Much appreciated!!

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