Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Beautiful People for Beautiful Cubano Music , Polo Montanez & Bueno Vista Social Club

I respect them to sing & perform together..
I also see their mutual respect with each other through their eyes while they do their own job for their beautiful music as a perfect team.
I feel how much they've been proud of each other for such a long time..
Though almost all members have been passed away, their beautiful music will be resonated forever in the hearts of those who love their music..

As for Polo Motanez, one of my friends from Cuba brought me Polo's best album 'Natural' after his visit to his hometown in Cuba. All the songs were so lovely that I listened to only his album for straight two weeks. Such a beautiful music.. Sadly enough, I heard he also passed away by traffic accident..

Their music is immortal though...

Polo Martinaz : Un Bolero

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