Friday, August 21, 2009

Peter for First Eagle Shot in Canada, Flemingdon Golf Club Don Mills Toronto Aug 20 2009

Highly motivated by the stunning victory of Y.E. Yang,
three of us played with real excellence.
Chris got his best score ever.
And I got an Eagle for the first time in Canada
at the very 1st hole in Flemingdon Golf Club.
Driver shot for the edge of the green and
chip shot for the hole.. that's it..

They called me Yang afterward.. :p
Actually we called three of us, Yang1, Yang2 and Yang3.. :-)

At the club lounge after rounding,
Vito, the owner of the golf club, asked me.
'Who is Tiger, then?'
'.. uh.. nobody.. :-p ..'

Jim and Chris!! It was a good game!!
See you on Monday for another awesome rounding.

As for golf I have a sort of global memory.
First Tee Up in my life was in Santa Cruz, California.
First Par was in KeeHeung, Korea.
First Birdie was in Melbourne, Australia.
Now, First Eagle in Toronto, Canada.

Where can I have first hole-in-one..

But the thing is not my score
but who do I play with..

Thanks, my good fellas!!

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