Saturday, August 1, 2009

迷忘 Did I get lost in the city?? , Metropolitan city of Seoul Korea Jul 17~ 2009

Not at all. I was everywhere.. physically, literally, believably.. actually hopefully..
However, after for a while, I asked to myself cautiously..
what's the difference between 'I got lost' and 'I was everywhere else'.
No difference, uh.. absolutely no difference.
.. weird feeling of hatred to myself.. sympathy to myself.. blind sympathy to myself.. which is nothing but technically a last resort for survival.
.. I have no choice of excuse now other than to admitting the fact that 'I'm lost .. again..'.

Yes, I'm lost.
But the good thing is that I found myself already getting out the trap without any real hurt.


  1. i can't tell you how much i enjoyed every series of this fascinating journey! it is great to be able to travel like this, through somebody else's images and life...

    but Peter, this is bothering me: weird feeling of hatred to myself. why? why would you feel that? what trap were you in? i thought you were only happy to be back home, and that the 'callous' period was over.

  2. yes roxana. I might keep on trying to taste the previous bitterness stored in my mind and memory, not because I'm not happy now but to inscribe the experience more vividly to my heart not to repeat the thing again... or stupid and retrospective sympathy to myself even though it's a history already..

    Thanks roxana and as I said before I am really happy to see you enjoy my series in here. Hopefully you feel like walking, eating and drinking with me.. :-p

    take care~