Friday, December 26, 2008

顔 Which one is yours?, Green Man Old City Hall Toronto Nov 23 2008

I love to see green man one by one in detail.
What a variety of faces..

It looks like that the sculptor liked to express typical stages of our life.
Pain, Happiness, Anger, Desire, Grief. etc..
Crying, Laughing, Teasing, Frowning, Surprising, Discouraging etc..
But most of all, crying and angry faces are dominent.. just as our life does..

Statistics say that we laugh less than 20 days only out of whole 70 years, i.e., 25,550 available days..

The Green Men sculptured on the Old City Hall looked very much sophiscated and have great artistic value as well I am sure. Really nice to invest time to take a look at the all the details.

綠 Memory of Green, Peter's Offroading in Korea 2004

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

畵 A Girl from Epanema, Brazilian Coffee Starbucks Toronto 2008

One of my favorite Bosa Nova..
a girl from Ipanema..
And I found the coffee from Ipanema in Brazil.

Taste was just not too bad But I love the naming and the design of the pack..

Astrud Gilberto: The Girl From Ipanema

Friday, December 19, 2008

笑 For Russian Mafia.. The target is even lower than M1A1 Tank.., JOHN KENNEY New York Times Dec 16 2008

M1A1 Main Battle Tanks : Lowest(height) Tank in the World..

* Peter's pair of shoes.. on the rock..

Hitting someone with a shoe is considered the supreme insult in Iraq. It means that the target is even lower than the shoe, which is always on the ground and dirty.

.................... John Kenney (writer)

In France, of course, it’s a waffle. Throw a waffle at someone and you have said, in essence: “I loathe you. You are scum. Your people are donkey traders.” It suggests that the target is even lower than a waffle, which is sometimes on the ground if it happens to fall off a plate, and the ground could be dirty, depending upon the ground.
Who’s to say why, exactly? Some say the waffle’s association with Belgium is enough to disgust any Frenchman. Others suggest it is its annoyingly spongy consistency. Still others say it’s the derivation of the word — “le waffle” in French, from the Flemish “wafflintis” and originally the Latin “wafflibus,” all of which translate, loosely, to “waffle.”
For scholars of insults, what comes to mind almost immediately after a high-profile insulting incident is the central African nation of Chad, where hitting someone with a pair of pants is the highest form of insult. It means that the target is lower than pants, the hem of which, while not on the ground, is often near the ground and, again, unclean. The only problem with this form of insult is that the thrower then has to retrieve the pants, as he or she had been wearing them.
For many years people threw shorts, but almost no one was offended, as the hem of shorts is a great distance from the ground. “We’re working on new forms of insult, as well as changing our country’s name, which, strangely, is a common first name in California,” said a Chadian cultural attaché. “We need to be taken more seriously.”
In the former Soviet Union it is not uncommon, especially among the savage Russian mafia, to throw a 68-ton American-made Abrams M1A1 tank. It means that the target is even lower than a tank, whose treads are always on the ground, unless they’re not for some reason — say, repairs or what-have-you. In fairness, though, the throwing of tanks appears to be happening with less frequency, due to the near impossibility of surprise, especially at indoor events.
(<---Really Funny, I like this!! ^,^ ) In Peru, meanwhile, people throw their voices as a form of insult. While not technically near the ground, a voice suggests “sound” and “sound” rhymes with “ground,” the ground being low and possibly unclean, depending upon where, exactly, you’re standing. Peruvians say that throwing your voice is the ultimate insult because the intended victim doesn’t know where it came from. It is not uncommon to hear someone say, “Who said that?!” on the streets of Lima after a particularly cutting remark. The danger, of course, is insulting someone by trying to throw your voice, but doing it poorly and instead moving your lips. The intended victim knows immediately where it came from. And what of tiny Bhutan, snug between Tibet in the north and India to the south? In this mysterious Buddhist country, perhaps the only one in the world that measures its Gross National Happiness, people throw brightly colored tissue paper, so as not to hurt anyone. The paper falls harmlessly to the ground — a symbol of both lowness and dirt — and the thrower quickly picks it up, disposes of it, and then apologizes profusely. John Kenney is a writer.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

認知 Realization vs Colorization, Apple Tree in Lakeshore Blvd Toronto Dec 13 2008

My brain's filtering operation of input information for the surroundings based on heuristics didn't work for the first time when I saw the tree with ball-like fruits dangling.. I think my brain confused the fruits with some artificial decoration or something.. But after I found a big black squirrel in the middle of the tree picking up the fruit, I found it a wild apple tree.. Then I approached to the tree and finally I got the attention on the colors of lightly yellow-reddish apples..

Mostly we have been too much relying on our sensory system through eyes and ears but I recently found a amazing fact that sensing by contact with fingers.. literally fingertips.. is far far more superior than those I mentioned. We can identify amoeba level, micron, of minute thing by just finger contact. .. But the tactile information has been preceded most of time by the dominant, more sensational & urgent input through eyes and ears. But if there is no light or sound at all, nearly impossible to have in reality though, perception only through tactile information comes into a light. But the funny thing now is that even though we have such a superman-like perceptive capability through fingertip, what we do with our fingers is just pressing for the buttons on our laptops for the navigation of web to get the all the man-made toxic information of virtual world..

Monday, December 15, 2008

轉 Milestones in Life, Stakes on Teeing Ground Highland Golf Club Ontario Jun 18 2008

When we look back our lifetime we might find several key milestones which turned our life to different direction. It might be health-issue, critical examination to pass, or people we met... etc..

But most of all, I think, meeting somebody used to make matters really different afterward..
Now I am thinking how many good, bad and ugly people I've been meeting and how many times my life turned its direction.. in an elevated way or in a very jerky shameful way.. At the same time, I'm pondering on how many times I've affected others badly or sometimes favorably..

Sunday, December 14, 2008

冬 Winter, Lake Ontario Toronto 13 Dec 2008

.. so cold and windy but so fresh as well..
The Artic wind blew everything away from my mind and brain..