Wednesday, December 3, 2008

共 Common Feeling to Share, Drawing of Kaskagorri and Peter's Picture

What I know & assume are as follows,
- Kaskagorri stays in France for his artwork of painting, seemingly oil painting.
- I just had a chance to visit his blog and found his beautiful artwork.
- I felt like I was standing on the floor of Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.
- I really like his colors, light and shadow.
- I assume he is from Andalucia, Spain and he liked me to listen to the Andalucian music. And he tried to upload the music files directly to my blog but failed.
- I admire his drawings and he likes my photos..
- We just started sharing our thoughts on objects and beyond, I assume..

Well, I really like beautiful drawings of Kaskagorri from Andalucia staying somewhere in France and I just like to share his artwork with you and encourage you to visit his blog for more..

Kaskagorri's Blog :

Peter's Photo Odyssey

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