Wednesday, December 17, 2008

認知 Realization vs Colorization, Apple Tree in Lakeshore Blvd Toronto Dec 13 2008

My brain's filtering operation of input information for the surroundings based on heuristics didn't work for the first time when I saw the tree with ball-like fruits dangling.. I think my brain confused the fruits with some artificial decoration or something.. But after I found a big black squirrel in the middle of the tree picking up the fruit, I found it a wild apple tree.. Then I approached to the tree and finally I got the attention on the colors of lightly yellow-reddish apples..

Mostly we have been too much relying on our sensory system through eyes and ears but I recently found a amazing fact that sensing by contact with fingers.. literally fingertips.. is far far more superior than those I mentioned. We can identify amoeba level, micron, of minute thing by just finger contact. .. But the tactile information has been preceded most of time by the dominant, more sensational & urgent input through eyes and ears. But if there is no light or sound at all, nearly impossible to have in reality though, perception only through tactile information comes into a light. But the funny thing now is that even though we have such a superman-like perceptive capability through fingertip, what we do with our fingers is just pressing for the buttons on our laptops for the navigation of web to get the all the man-made toxic information of virtual world..

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