Sunday, December 14, 2008

荒 Bleak morning on the other part of globe, Lakeshore Blvd Toronto Dec 13 2008

I had a bike trail starting from all icy Don River down to Lake Ontario.. on Saturday.
Sky was grey and temperature was as low as -10 degree of Celsius..

On New York Times, head title says death toll reaches almost 800 by cholera in Zimbabwe.
Teachers no more work for students because their salary couldn't cover the bus fare to school.. one time a pride of Africa for high literacy.. Hospitals do not operate anymore.. No food to buy.. No money for food.. No water to drink safe.. Human right workers disappear overnight.. Mugabe has no intention to resign at all..

As Christmas gets near.. more bleak and tragic things are happening on a global basis.. The gap between haves and have-nots gets dramatically wider in great speed. I couldn't image what will happen in the end..

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