Friday, December 26, 2008

顔 Which one is yours?, Green Man Old City Hall Toronto Nov 23 2008

I love to see green man one by one in detail.
What a variety of faces..

It looks like that the sculptor liked to express typical stages of our life.
Pain, Happiness, Anger, Desire, Grief. etc..
Crying, Laughing, Teasing, Frowning, Surprising, Discouraging etc..
But most of all, crying and angry faces are dominent.. just as our life does..

Statistics say that we laugh less than 20 days only out of whole 70 years, i.e., 25,550 available days..

The Green Men sculptured on the Old City Hall looked very much sophiscated and have great artistic value as well I am sure. Really nice to invest time to take a look at the all the details.

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