Tuesday, December 2, 2008

暗 Running faster.. don't know where to go, Snowy DVP Nov 12 2008

As human being residing on top of the ecosystem as supreme predator,
we are facing a grim era in whatever senses..

- economically it couldn't be worse; detonated by the imperialistic capitalism
indulgently driven by the States, nobody exactly dare forecasts
how much the economic tsunami devastates global villages..

- ethnic hatred couldn't be more blood-shedding;
Pakistan, Sudan, Somalia, and Eastern Europe..etc..

- religious conflicts couldn't need more bullets, bombs and suicide planes;
Muslim vs Christian, Palestinian vs Jews, even among small village tribes..

- Socio-political instabilities are all the time getting worse than before..

Down to physical earth, as far as natural resource is concerned,
it couldn't be more tragic than ever ..
some people in Africa risk their lives for the price of a bucket of water..
it's so fed up with the scenes of children with boated bellies that
no more sympathies arise .. not only somewhere in African countries as used to see
but in North Korea and other part of the world as well..

We have been consuming almost all the natural resources on earth
producing toxic chemicals , synthesizing never to be rotten monsters of plastics on a tremendous amount of volume and filling our beautiful oceans everyday with industrial garbage's and bio-&-radioactive wastes..
It might be a good time to overhaul everything from start.
We might have no other alternatives than reformatting everything
from individual level up to religious one..

Though we do know the extreme complexity of current system on earth,
somebody, some ideology, some movement or whichever driving force we need to have to
restart this whole thing new.

Where is somebody??
Any ideology to help us out??
Any rocket science to get out of this trouble?

Answer should be NONE.. Nonsense..

Inertia as one of fundamental law of physics applies well on collective behavior of human being. Nothing can stop.. Nobody can stop..

We just run faster and faster cause
either we have too scared to stop and get out to look around..
or we have still least insane or uncontrollable energy to push accelerator to move forward..

Today we see the gigantic automakers on the verge of bankruptcy..
As big as small independent nation, as powerful information gathering/analysis capability over market move as CIA, every BOD members have been well aware of the fact that they will not survive without radical renovation. Any idiot can figure out the uncompetitiveness over their ridiculous cost structure. But nobody dared to try cause that's not their incumbent concern. Company agenda might be far distant than their own personal agenda. Their only action is to threatening government over the round table in their private jet, nothing but a robbery over the tax payers' pockets..

.. Believing that I, myself, am the very reflection of the whole universe as others do..
.. I do my portion in here..to influence somehow..

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