Sunday, March 8, 2009

꽃보다 이쁜, 일하는 당신! Flowers! Flowers for You, Flower Market Chennai India Jun 2006

Hard working people looked much prettier than the flowers. Smell of sweating was far pleasant than the luxury smell of perfumes of good-looking girls. I really appreciate the smiles they willingly shared with me...


  1. I didn't know flower markets could look like this, amazing... and such vivid colours, I can imagine the intoxicating fragrance in the air. I envy you for being there :-)

  2. Roxana, yes, it was kind of discovery of the city dynamics in the quite exotic place. And they were selling all the petals of flowers for their hindu gods as well as their own decoration which was amazingly different than the mood in other flower markets in other countries. Actually I envy you for living in such beautiful city of Romania~ ^,~

  3. That beautiful photos! full of colors...

  4. Thanks for visiting Carla and I appreciate your comment~ :)

  5. wow..if got chance..must travel to INDIA.As INDIA is one of the country which is full of wonderful colors :)

  6. Yes you have to. Also you can take full advantage of adjaceny of the place from your country. From Singapore, you can only cross a couple of countries like Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand on foot. Though I strongly recommend you to ride camel than walking for the trail. Then you will see the land of Colors and real Difference! :p

  7. Yaya.
    That's right.
    I wish my dreams come true.
    Traveling to oversea,
    really can learn a lot from travel:)
    know more.
    see more.
    feel more.

  8. If you wish, you will find you standing in there any time soon. :)