Sunday, March 1, 2009

Flying under the Full Moon, From Saigon Jan 14 2006

Usually there is nothing joyful for the night flight other than just trying hard to sleep with the help of couple of glasses of whisky. But sometimes, if I'm lucky enough, I might have a full moon on top of my head in the dark night. When I got back from Hochimin City to Seoul, I experienced a quite different flight. Under the pale moon light, the jet was gliding through the dark night without any turbulence or noise of engine. It was so peaceful and grave, and different. And I just nonchalantly saw the red light blinking at the tip of the wing without any focus of attention of my sight..

I felt like I was on my flying carpet.. And the thought reached me of 'Aribaba and Forty Thieves' and of course 'Aladin and Magic Lamp'. Sometimes, many times in my case, it's good to just let the feeling fly over the world of fairy tale or fantasy which is totally detached from reality.. How can I stick to the planning of more-revenue-with-less-cost thing during the flight under the full moon admitting that I am not that nerd-ish workaholic.. :p

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