Tuesday, April 7, 2009

雪中生命譽讚 Mirracles in Life in every corners..everyday, Wolfrey and Broadview Toronto Apr 07 2009

I've been experiencing miracle in life everyday.. in every corners of my surroundings.. I've been learning from mother nature much more than any other classes in university. No other mentors have been that great in transferring their wisdom in that simple way than the sun, moon and the all living creatures underneath.. under the harmony..
I've been learning only from lessons from myself and my colleague human being as a whole for what shouldn't been done, what shouldn't be repeated and what should be maintained as a bottom line .. on earth.. though I am very happy to have those couple of wise men lived on earth..

We have snow this morning in the middle of April though it is not quite surprising in here Toronto. And I see the dark green sprouts at the corner garden with such never compromising green desire to thrive..

Il Divo & Celine Dion : I believe in you


  1. i absolutely love the sprout pictures!

  2. Spring has just sprung out of the fuzzy snow.. :-)