Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sin Nombre, Alliance Cinema at Cumberland Street Bay-Bloor Toronto Apr 4 2009

Absolute recommendation!!
A stunning story of youth standing right at the edge in life but still never losing a hope till the end of time. It was rich, harsh and real story along the road down from Honduras to the border of Florida via Mexico.

Love, friendship, patron ship, righteousness.. are the words lingering around me for a while.. after the cinema.


  1. i'll certainly watch it if i get the chance. i like it so lively, music, films, diary :-)

  2. Since I love heteogeneous act of people.. whatever the form is.. ;)

    I pondered much on the 'free will' of human being against all odds.. and rethinking on the definition of fate..

    Good morning Roxana. We have snow in here.. Christmas is comming.. :p