Friday, April 24, 2009

Outspoken, Straightforward Generation, Group 015B.. LeeSsang, 24 2009

Don't know from when but lyrics have been carrying no more euphoric pattern of poem instead more direct, frank, provocative and verbal forms of expression and it reflects emotional or rational status of the generation of course. At first, it was different and weired for me but as I listened more, I was getting more addicted to the rhythm & lyrics cause it touched my peripheral nerves much stronger than when I listened to the classic music. I am sure that I am more fortunate than the people in the classic music only time to have more degree of freedom in choosing the music.. :p


  1. this is my favourite folk singer, i wanted you to see him in a more traditional costume with a specific instrument, i don't know the name in english. this is a folk song but he also sings a lot of literary poems:

  2. I like it and thank you Roxana. I like his low voice of authority and mildness.. :-)

    Today I searched and found travel books to Romania in 'World Largest Book Store' in Toronto. As the name of the book store says, it was the largest store I've ever visited and I found five travel books of photos of lovely nature, wooden churches & beautiful castles, great cultural heritage, and ramping up of economy as a member of EU of your country. A guide book published by National Geography was the best.
    Congratulations Roxana, you're born in such a beautiful country!! One sad thing I found was the streets of Craiova had been demoilished by the notorious dictator for restructuring the city with modern buildings.. what a tragedy!! I was really sorry to read the fact..
    I specifically liked the legendary castle of Dracula in Transilvania.. :p