Sunday, November 30, 2008

程 Life is a Long Journey.., Chennai Express India June 2008

feeling of anything
approaching to me,
feeling of something
away from me..

An the feeling of something sharing.. or exchanging..
in the meantime.

Life is a collection of debris from those of comes & goes..
with psychological scars
left as just chunks of memories..
.. bulky set of weighted connections among the activated neurons..

sometimes jewels..
mostly garbages..
though we learn a lot from the garbages..

Now I have no chance in sitting at the entrance steps with the door wide open in the train in Korea, Canada or other developed countries.
But I have a good memory of doing exactly same thing the men at the picture were doing when I was in school in early 1980..
We talked about our girl friends, mostly political situations, and what our life would like to be over the beers, and sang lots of songs hoping for better future and condemning political reality.. on the train running fast.. with the door wide open.. with all the swirling wind rushing onto our faces..
We were so happy together on the rail..
listening and feeling the constant rythm of the running steel horse..

So you might imagine how much I like this train with all the doors wide open for me..
I payed nearly twice more fare for Sleeper Class with Air Conditioning but I didn't actually needed the luxury(relatively speaking). Second class sitting with lowest wage should be mine..

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