Thursday, September 24, 2009

비처럼 음악처럼 Like Rain.. Like a Music.. , Mapo and Han River Seoul Korea Jul 18 2009

I am thinking of you
when it comes to rain
and music starts..
Our love.. as sweet as music..
Our love.. like rain as heartbreaking..

I have rain now..
as painful as our love..

비가 내리고
음악이 흐르면
난 당신을 생각해요..
음악처럼 달콤한 우리 사랑
비처럼 가슴아픈 우리 사랑

우리 사랑처럼 아픈 비가
지금 내려요..
* A Place where Peter used to live in Seoul..

김현식: 비처럼 음악처럼

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