Wednesday, September 16, 2009

너랑 자유를 노래해.. Je chante avec toi liberté, Kwanghwamoon Seoul Korea Jul 22 2009

Wandering all around the city
I was literally a lonely vagabond
not only in physical sense
but from wholly logical perspective as well.

I found myself having weirdly different paradigm
than my colleagues in ex-companies, my new friends,
as well as my very old friends..

living in quite different place
in the other part of the globe,
longing for unrealistic idea,
still standing firmly on the ground of my own though,
pursuing totally different new world..

No choice but to be alone at any moment..

Why chorus of slaves??
I don't know..
no meaning..
just like the melody..
sounds like relevantly reflecting the liberty for everything..

.. Just fly higher & further..
YOU are the liberty...

Nana Mouskouri - Je chante avec toi liberté


  1. you posting nana while i posted edith :-)

    hi peter, lonely vagabond :-P

  2. Non je ne regrette rien..
    pour vous, ma roxana..

    I don't know..
    the more I'm getting old..
    the more I don't know about life..

    Big difference of
    getting old and getting matured..

    thanks r..