Tuesday, September 15, 2009

at the Bar.. alone.., 청담동 Bar Chungdamdong Seoul Korea Jul 27~28 2009

There was nobody
who knew me
other than Kelly, a floor manager.

Not many people were there anyway.
actually it's after midnight..

I saw a table full of friends
talking loudly with big gestures
with sumptuous smiles
cheering & teasing each other.

Yes I used be sitting in the middle of them..
Yes I used to order food and wines for them..

The Bar.. one time fully filled with lots of
cool guys and slick chics in the city..
was almost empty.

I emptied a bottle of tequila
with the floor manager
who I've known her for a long time
hearing couple of bad news of economic recession
and change of night culture in the area
which wasn't favorable to the bar..

Il Divo & Celyn Dion : I believe in You..

on 74 Bar..

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