Monday, September 14, 2009

an Illusionary man.. humble and poor even..

Let me confess that
I am just an illusionary being..
like a mirage..

I am as mighty as X-man
only from that distance far too from you.
Only apart far far from the reality
where you live in,
I am a prideful prince.

Yes, I am a man
dwelling in my own castle of dream
speaking out loudly to the people in the real world..
actually for those only who like to listen to me
whatever the reason is..

Yes I know I am
far far beyond of your reach..

Yes I know..
I am nowhere you can find
I am nowhere you can whisper
No.. No I am nowhere you can touch me..
That's it.

I am nothing but a mirage..
I am an imginary guy..

I am alone.
as I always do..
That's what I am.
I thrive only upon my solitude.

Loneliness is my only item on the menu killing hunger.
Being alone is my good side dish for drinking.
And the very solitude of myself
is a rich harvest of my poor soul..

so used to it though.

No cure.
I know.
but sad..


  1. YoungGun,you have been here in seoul without notice...NamGyun.

  2. hi NG!!!

    Please forgive me.
    I couldn't reach you cause I lost your number after couple of formatting my harddisk.

    Please just call me or send me email with your number so I call you immediately.
    mobile: 647-882-8318

    Hope you are going very well as usual.

    All the best

  3. hmmm, Peter, your posts get more melancholic every day, soon i will start worrying about you (or think that this is the influence of visiting the dark Bridge :-)

    hi there :-)

  4. how did you know that
    YOU are responsible?? :-p

    But music is still sweet though..

    I like your recent post..
    extraordinarily elegant, touching
    and feminine.. mr :-)

  5. hey roxana,

    you're getting warmer and sweeter as I'm getting bogged further down to my own swamp of darkness..

    Appreciate your encouragement as always.

    I'm ok.. ^,~