Wednesday, September 9, 2009

松間盛市 Seoul, You to Me..Me to You.. , Inwangsan Mtn 인왕산 Seoul Korea Jul 29 2009

600 years old city of Seoul..
Quite crowded with too many things..
But also it goes well along with good dynamics of everything by everybody..

I see the panoramic view of such vast number of people covering all kind of conceiving forms of life..

I had lived almost 40 years in the city.
Though I traveled other countries a lot mostly for business,
my hometown for return was always Seoul.

Not anymore..
I am just visiting the old city as a visitor.
No more residential information for me in the city.
Permanent resident in Canada.. that's what I'm categorized in now..
Quite different feeling
which I've never experienced before.

Bye for now my lovely city..

나에게 넌, 너에게 난: You to Me, I to You.. : 자전거 탄 풍경

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