Monday, September 7, 2009

해가 지다.. Sunset on the Lake, Lake Sunset Leslie-Bloomington Ontario Sep 6 2009

 24 hours only.. for the rotation of earth on its own axis..

How boring and desperate.. longing for another new day..
if we have more than 240 hours or 790 earth hours even for just a single rotation of the planet.

Appreciate for the bearable shortness of a day on earth.. :p


  1. what a wonderful post, Peter! it has deeply moved me...
    so you are a victim of autumn's melancholy as well :-)
    i am so busy catching up with work these days (an important deadline in the 10th) that i have no time to let myself dive into the autumn mood - but that will come, will certainly come...

  2. Roxana,
    Appreciate your comment.
    Whatever it is, deadline makes us awake in life. Hopefully you enjoy your work as well though I know that there is no perfectionist with full satisfaction.. :-p

    Yes, come and join me for the nostalgia perfectly given by the season. Absolutely no charge. Just soak, taste and tremble with agony and/or joy..