Friday, September 4, 2009

雨中宮 a Sudden Shower at the Palace, Changkyunggoong Palace Seoul Korea Jul 25 2009

I was sitting on the very old foor
made of wooden panels
which have been aged
more than couple of hundreds years..

At the same space but different time zone..
trying hard to feel the people dwelt in the palace..

the sudden shower of hot & humid summer
made me shorten the chronological distance
between now and then..

Really don't know
why the Creator allowed us
dare to think about eternity..
living only less than 100 years physically..
.. shoot...!...

Nicola Di Bari: Il Cuore È Uno Zingaro : 마음은 집시..
Nicola Di Bari: I giorni dell'arcobaleno 무지개 같은 나날..

갑자기 검은 구름이 홀연히 모여들더니
굵은 소나기가 내리기가 시작했다.
마침 회랑 끝의 마루가 있어
그곳에 신발을 벗고 올라가 앉아
쏟아지는 비를 바라보았다.

아무런 생각없이
궁궐의 작은 시내물 위로 쏟아지는
소나기 방울 방울들을
무심코 바라보고만 있었다..

All of a sudden, dark clouds gathered together
just above the palace for the shower for 10 minutes..
And I was sitting on the very old wooden floor
at the end of the long corridor..
without pondering anything
but staring the drops of the shower in the tiny creek..

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