Tuesday, September 15, 2009

短想 Spiders in my Basement.., COEX Square Samsungdong Seoul Korea Jul 29 2009

(Photo: Peter sun-tanning at COEX mall, Seoul Korea Jul 23 2009)

A mother spider laid lots of eggs..
at one of the corners of the restroom in my basement.

At first, it looked like a captured prey
loosely cobwebbed spherically in shape.
Then in a couple of days,
I found the mommy spider started scattering them
one by one maintaining relevant distance.

And now I saw quite well dispersed a set of spider eggs
under the full guardianship of their mother.

Some spiders bite.
And it's fatal in some cases causing man to death.
And I read an article on that

happened in France couple of weeks ago.

Question is..
should I remove all the eggs by waving my hand couple of times
with just tiny piece of toilet paper?
or let them grow well under the darkness and
allow them to move freely around all the places in my basement?

At this moment for them
I am as mighty as God.

Under the mercy of my good will
they might sustain their life in nature as created.
Or the other extreme fate they might be facing..

It does not really matter to me.
Not a even tiny deal at all.
But it totally does for them.
To survive or to be terminated..

My merciful & logical thinking process
ask myself to observe the details of the shape of the mother spider
and look up any encyclopedia on insect.. or just simply Wikepidia
to find out whether it is harmful or not.

So now they have some time till I decide
either way for them or against them.
And philosophy of Buddhism on living creatures
for the cyclic reincarnation might affect me as well.

We will see..

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