Thursday, September 3, 2009

巨飽 Coconut Shrimps for 20 oz Hoegaarden, Restaurant 'Pickle Barrel' Yonge and Dundas Street Toronto Sep 3 2009

What a gigantic size of the glass for Hoegaarden!!
20oz.. about 600 cc..
Curiosity made me order the extravaganza.
And I did bottoms-up in about 15 minutes..
Oh, Peter.. a drunk soldier..

fyi.. I think it's not a good idea to recommend this size to any lady with elegance.. ^,~

And the taste of the reddish flesh of the Coconut Shrimps was just good enough..
The dish was quite tropical in look and taste..

어휴.. 저 잔 크기 좀 봐요.
지나가던 아가씨들이 저 잔 크기 보고
막 키득 키득 거리기 까지 하더라구요.

근데 뭐 600cc 정도 밖에 안돼서
코코넛 새우 랑 15분 만에 홀랑 다 마셔버렸지요.
White Beer 인 호가든은
제가 주로 먹는 스텔라 나 하이네켄 보다
덜 취하는 것 같습니다.
꺽~~ ... 오 마이 갓...

근데 저 잔은 잔 무게가 보통이 아니라서
우아한 숙녀 분께는 권해 드리고 싶지 않네요.

제가 좋아하는 코코넛 새우는
열대식 처럼 코코넛 가루를 발라 바삭 튀겼는데
맛이 좋았답니다.
특히 비스킷 같은 꼬리가..

Eres Tu..Lecia & Lucienne - Rør ved mig


  1. Thanks for your comment in my posts, Peter.

    I use also Nicon, which belongs my company, but indeed my own Olympus is better than it.

    I think I can express that Belgian beer as 白麦酒.


  2. mmmmmm

    nooooooo - so delicious, everything!

    Peter, so i get you are not sad anymore?

    (i am very busy catching up with work these days, hence my silence, you will not be uspet, i hope :-)

  3. Kengot,

    Yes, it works for Hoegaarden cause it is White Beer. I like the light aroma of the beer which is very unique and not too strong.

    Whatever the reason, there might be kind of preference for some machine.. Specifically I prefer the colormap of the image receptor of Olympus for human portrait which is seemingly softer than others

    Have lot of fun with your Olympus!

  4. Roxana,

    I like your new photo with kitty glasses. Charming..!

    I am sad only when I feel hunger for something. So I am quite OK now!! :-p

    How can you stand idle time with such passion, energy and affection for beauties..

    I've been learning as well as enjoying a lot from your photo-esthetic series of project. You've been leading the great job. Please just keep it up and your audience will have quantum leap as far as esthetic life is concerned.. seriously.

    Take care of yourself mr.. eat well, sleep well, and take good rest.. right!

  5. are you my father, Peter? :-P

    thanks for you kind advice and your words of praise, i humbly bow to you :-P

    (no, really, thank you, without joking!)

    i'm glad you like the new pic, now that i got the digital camera, it's easier to take a lot of shots!

  6. Roxana,

    Yes!! Try as many as shots and filter them out afterward. That's what I'm doing with the digital toy.

    .. I AM YOUR FATHER... very low, husky metallic voice... you remember?