Friday, May 8, 2009

X-Generation Offroaders in Korea, Photos by 골매 and 등대 May 2009 Korea

I was just a 1st generation off-roader in Korea in early 1990s. At that time we just tried to lift up the body couple of inches from the frame for more wheel travel for better ground clearance with bigger tyres with longer shock absorbers. And high power lighting, self recovery winches and dual batteries connected in parallel etc were kind of luxury tuning for going for anywhere.
Now as photos show, they are trying whatever they can imagine with their dream buggies. The custom-built buggies have all independently operating suspensions with monster tyres of more than 39" for rock crawling and are powered by highly tuned engine & transmission for higher power at low rpm. After market for the custom parts for off-roading gets bigger and bigger with positive impact over the whole auto industry though the volume is still not big enough to get any attention from the major players. Anyway it's really great to see the quantum leap of the quality of the mobiles and their creativity in inventing the fancy buggies.

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