Friday, May 29, 2009

天氣漏說 Some Toppings for more Fun.., ROM Royal Ontario Museum Bloor Street Toronto May 28 2009

They start swiming in the air, lingering around every corners on the floor and dreaming about the day they resurrect.. when it comes to night..


  1. hehe.....excited!!!! at night will they alive ?! ^^"

  2. oh my god!! how did you know that! 天氣漏說!!!
    It's really fantastic to see them moving in the night though there are lots of noise of squeaking when they move.. 哈哈..

  3. woW!

    Este lugar es fascinante.


  4. are you kidding me...if really pls bring me there...i want to stay until night :) hehee

  5. Casacelis, saludos y muchas gracias amigo~

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  6. wow !!!!!!! cool !!!! thanks peter :)